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3 Everyday Tips To Help You Save Money At Home

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It’s easy to forget that every little appliance around the house is effectively contributing to your stack of bills. Imagine if pound signs popped out the top of your TV or phone when you leave it on and plugged in; you would probably be less inclined to leave your appliances on. It’s the little everyday things that can make a big difference, so have a look at these easy tips from Best Deal Homes to help you save money in your home.


Turn Off The TV

Lots of people leave their TV and TV sets plugged in throughout the day and night simply because it’s more convenient. However, it only takes a minute to switch it off at the plug, and even further, unplug it to save money as far as possible.

You might find yourself walking into the living room, turning the TV off and walking out again without switching it off. Habits like this run up your electricity bills fast, so try to get into the habit of switching it off when you’re not watching.

tv remote


Finally, ask yourself if there is anything on TV that’s actually worth watching. We all find ourselves watching some obscure documentary now and again to pass the time, but ask yourself if there is anything else you could be doing that won’t waste electricity, like reading. You wouldn’t pay to go and see a film at the cinema you didn’t want to watch, and paying electricity bills for watching pointless TV isn’t any different.


Switch Off The Lights

Walking out of a room before switching the lights off is another habit we are all guilty of. Everyone manages to turn the light on when they walk into a room, but turning the light off again seems like something we are innately bad at remembering.

Try to get into the habit of turning a light off if you’re the last one to leave a room, and only turn them on if you actually need them on. If the room is already well lit, there is no need to waste money with additional light.

led bulb


To further save money on lighting, switch to LED energy saving light bulbs, which are much more energy efficient and will save you money in the long run after the initial purchase.


Use a Programmable Thermostat

Often you’ll have no idea how much you’re spending on your heating until you get billed for it. By using a programmable thermostat, you are able to manually control your heating so that you can take charge of how much you’re spending on it. A programmable thermostat will save you energy and money after the initial purchase and you’ll be wishing you had one all along.

programmable thermostat



Even if you use one of these, try to keep the heating down to a minimum. Before you consider switching the heating on, dig out your wooly jumpers, socks and blankets to save money for a little longer. You’ll notice the difference in bills, and with the money you save in household bills, you can put it towards some lovely christmas jumpers!

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