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9 Steps Towards A Faster Property Sale

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#1 Declutter, don’t depersonalise

moving boxes

It’s important to bare in mind when you are decluttering your home that you do not depersonalise it.

Decluttering is important so you can give the viewers an opportunity to see how they will themselves use the space within the home. However, they also want to see that the house is liveable and viewers also like to see how you yourself have used the space.

It’s good to see a blank canvas, but not so blank that there is no charm or feeling of a ‘home’ as opposed to just a house.

#2 Give your house a fresh lick of paint

Lady painting her wall yellow

Over the years, your paint may have been scraped off by moving around your furniture or dulled over time.

Recommended colours are eggshell grey or mild yellows. The eggshell greys make your house look clean and fresh, but not boring and bland like white does, and the yellow gives off the feeling of happiness and joy.

#3 Make your home Light and Airy

Mirror in the hallway of a house

You want to make your home look as airy as possible, and there are two ways you can effectively do this.

The first is to use mirrors to bounce the light in every room and create the illusion of more space.

The second tip is to not obstruct any window space. Some home owners tend to use up their bay windows by putting a television right in the middle of it, or use heavy curtains or blinds that obstruct the light fully coming through the window. Open up this window space by using thin drapes and move furniture away from the windows to let that light flood into your home.

#4 Get smellies for your home

Reed dispensers and candles

This is especially important if you have pets in your home. Having a reed diffuser in your rooms or an assortment of candles will help to defuse the smells you have lingering around your home, giving the property viewers a more pleasant viewing experience when walking around your home.

#5 Get faster broadband

Macbook on a table

There is nothing more frustrating than a slow internet connection. It’s a real bonus to point out to the viewers of your property that you have a super fast fibre optic broadband connection.

#6 Increase curb appeal

Window boxes at the front of a house

First impressions count with everything, especially when you’re trying to sell your property.

Having a well kept front garden is a must if you’re trying to improve your home’s curb appeal. Trim down any overgrown hedges and trees and make sure you have a green, mowed lawn.

However, if you do not have a front garden there is still some tricks you can do. You can purchase window boxes to put plants in and repaint your front door.

#7 Host open visits

Ringing a front door bell

If you make it convenient for viewers to look at your property then you will find that you get a lot more visits.

By having open house visits where viewers can view your property without an estate agent present, it allows freedom as to when the viewers can view your home which gives more buyers the opportunity to see your property.

#8 Get quality property listings

Couple looking at property listings

You want to be listed on all major real estate websites, for example Right Move and Zillow.

#9 Share information about life in the area

An english neighbourhood

You’re not just buying a house, you’re essential buying a new lifestyle for yourself.

Every county, neighbourhood and even street has its own vibe and feel. When showing your viewers around your property, let them know about the local area. This includes nearby shops, schools, hospitals, public transport connections and community events.

To conclude…

If you want to sell your home fast, the advice encompasses the following elements. You must create a light, decluttered and airy atmosphere within your property whilst still maintaining the homely charm. You also need to make your area sound appealing and make the buyer want to live within your community.

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