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Become Debt Free in 9 Simple Steps!

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The average household in 2014 in the UK suffers from having £2,141 of debt, and for those who have their debts with issues within credit cards, some households are facing paying an average of £56 a month to pay it off (if they’re paying it off in 5 years!).

With this in mind, we are seeing more homes than ever being repossessed which is leaving 1 family every 20 minutes without a home.

This is why our team at Best Deal Homes have created this infographic to help educate the path to both clearing and avoiding getting yourself into troublesome debt, which will later snowball into a much more serious situation.

There are 9 steps everyone can take to better manage their finances. The main steps are training yourself towards better spending habits and finding financial support, which will then leave yourself in a better position to start to clear your debts as soon as you possibly can.

We hope that you will enjoy our infographic and the information within it, and if you feel that other people will benefit from viewing the graphic too then please do feel free to share it!
9 steps to becoming debt free infographic by best deal homes

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