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Things To Consider When Putting Your House On The Property Market

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There are many people these days looking to sell up and move onto somewhere new be it up scaling to a bigger space or simply relocating all together. More people have got properties listed than ever before, and the competition is fierce. So, how do you get ahead of the game and guarantee interest in your previous nest site? Well there are a few ways in which to get heads turning and please the general masses, and you’ll be surprised just how much of a difference they can make. Here we look at just a few of these tips to see which one’s you’ve ticked off the list of to-do so you can put yourself in the best position to sell your home


Fix Any Dents And Scratches

It’s the one thing people look to do as soon as they’ve decided to put their house up for sale. The trouble is not everyone has the money to do a complete makeover of the place. That said there are a lot of things you should aim to do in order not to scare people off. First off, you need to fix any major issues in the property such as plumbing problems or faulty electrics. These are the kinds of things that people wouldn’t expect to fix themselves so best get them out of the way. If after that you have spare pennies you can think about things such as a lick of neutral paint or some extra shelving. This might leave you vaguely out of pocket to start with, but it adds much more value to the property thus restoring the balance.


List Everything Correctly

Have you ever come across listings that sounds promising but when you view the property it’s not quite you expected? Many real estate websites try to make things sound better than they are, and aren’t shy on telling a white lie or two. For instance, if there is a property with two double rooms and a small room ideal for storage you’d feel mislead if it was listed as three bedrooms. Try your best to be as honest about the property as you can as honest people are trustworthy people. To get extra brownie points you can also be a dear and get a blueprint including dimensions and other info such as tax band and energy ratings.


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Be Realistic On The Asking Price

Now we’re not saying you should be expecting the worst here as many properties are sold for their original asking price if not more if one or two people spar it out. However, you have to base your number on current standards and not what you personally think it best. You may very well have put a lot of time and love into the walls when you moved in but not everyone will be as fond of the space as you, no matter how pretty it is. Get some values from the experts to gauge a rough estimate for the property and discuss with your loved ones what your lowest figure is.


Hide All Your Bits Before Viewings

So you’ve fixed the place up and you’ve got some interest. Now you have to prepare for the viewings themselves. You might not have what people would consider to be a show home, but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t make it look presentable for others. The main peeve of many viewers is when people leave clutter all over the place, which can dampen the mood and hide some of the properties potential. Keep all the little knick knacks boxed away during the view process and be sure to have a tidy to enhance the overall look and feel. Another good thing to do is invest in light air fresheners to cover up any stagnant smells that have been lingering.


For more help and guidance on how to spruce up your own home in preparation for selling why not have a look around on online for more articles and step by step lists. You can also look at some forums to see what others like you have suggested.

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