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Birmingham is a busy and thriving city full of business professionals, as well as being home to over 65,000 students in higher education. Commercialism and development has been on a steady rise here for several decades since the industrial revolution, leaving no shortage of businesses in the area both old and new.  Birmingham has one of the biggest populations in the UK, rivalled only by London. This means there are no shortage of home buyers ready to snap up your former home for a tantalising fee. Because of the lack of families with small children it is an ideal spot for working couples or high end executives, though it is still a very tourist friendly neighbourhood. The property market in these parts has recently been targeted largely by overseas property developers as London prices have seen a significant increase, making Birmingham a good hotspot for property sales.

How To Get A Good Price In Birmingham

There are several varying aspects to selling your house that could help to attract the right people and score you a reasonable deal. You first need to figure out the average price of homes your size in the immediate area to get a much better idea of an initial value. Just because a four bed house six miles away could sell for a small profit doesn’t mean to say that your house will. You should also consider the time of year that you choose to sell as some months will be much less active than others. This is certainly true over the winter months as many people are too busy doing other things, and simply don’t have time to plan the selling of the home.

You  should also work out the most fruitful way to advertise your property once you have settled on a price you’re content with. There is an array of options you can pick between from getting in an experienced agent to help with the technicalities, to doing all the odd jobs yourself. You can try some basic things like getting the word on the grapevine and list the property on free ads but the results are less desirable than if you outsource the work onto an professional. Agents can talk with all the right contacts and get you a long list of potential buyers for you to look at further. When opting for an agent you can choose between having a swanky high street agent or a web savvy online agent, both of which have their merits. You can alternatively use a service like this one to sell your home for cash.

Facts About Birmingham

There are literally hundreds of natural parks in Birmingham, 571 to be precise. That’s more than any other European city. There are also over six millions trees, which roughly translates as six trees for every one human. There is also a strong presence of industrialism in the city with 88% of jobs in 2012 being in the service sector alone. Many big businesses have set up manufacturing facilities in Birmingham including Cadbury and Jaguar Land Rover. Traditional businesses still make a large impression here too as 40% of the country’s jewellery is made and produced here.

The culture in Birmingham is plentiful with a wide range of venues, museums, bars and galleries. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery has a number of important historical paintings and sculptures including Jacob Epstein’s ‘The Archangel Lucifer’, a bronze sculpture that challenges the idea of what we perceive to be evil. There are five main universities in the region, as well as a number of established schools such as The Birmingham Business School one of very few schools globally to get a triple accreditation.

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