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newcastleNewcastle is a bold and thriving city that prides itself on being modern and innovative. It was once renowned for it’s wool industry and mining background but in the age of today focuses on their abundance of shopping centres. There is a wide range of residents in the town from students to retirees, but the common demographic sides towards those in their late thirties who are working professionals. Homes in the region are spread evenly throughout the city, and prices not too long ago had seen a downturn. However, in recent months they’re getting back up to the mark and sellers can now expect to see a reasonable return. Culture in the area is certainly lively as people flock from all over the globe to get a piece of the action.

How To Get A Good Price In Newcastle

There are many aspects to selling your beloved home that can help get a great audience and secure you a surprising deal. Begin by working out the average cost of properties your size within a reasonable radius to calculate an accurate price for your residence. Just because a two bed property three miles from you could fetch some extra cash does not mean that yours will. You should also keep an eye on the time of year as some months will be more profitable to you than other months. This is the usual case over winter as many owners looking to sell are far busier with other aspects of their lives and simply do not have time to plan the selling of the house, and choose to wait it out .

Next try drawing your focus on figuring out the advertising plan for your property once you have decided on a sensible price. There is a couple of options to choose from when dealing with the selling process from getting help from an agent, to doing the entire job on your own. You can do casual things like listing your home on free ads and spreading the word both verbally and through social media but the success of this is more touch and go than just handing over the job to a seasoned expert. Property agents can help promote you to all the right people and obtain an impressive list of buyers for you to mull over. When picking  an agent you can pick between the perks of a high street agent or the convenience of an online agent, both options having their own merits.

Facts About Newcastle

Before Newcastle became a city in it’s own right, it was a part of Northumberland.  Back in the day it was heavily populated by romans who settled in and named it Pons Aelius. The population almost halved during the sixteen hundreds due to the plague, though soon regained their numbers. Many innovations came to light during the peak of the industrial revolution including the invention of the first steam powered turbine. Many of the city streets still have characteristics of the original period, especially buildings such as Newcastle University and the Theatre Royal.

There is also a surprising presence of literature surrounding the city including a number of private libraries. The Literary and Philosophical Society has the largest independent library outside of London, holding more than 150,000 books. The music scene in Newcastle is also rich and plentiful seeing acts such as Sting and Dire Straits put them solidly on the map. They also have their own metro system which started development in 1980, and carries around 37 million passengers yearly.

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