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Norwich is a city that has truly made a name for itself and accommodates a variety of residents from small families to businessmen and students. Being a more industrial style of city there are endless goings on in terms of developments in housing and commercial property, though there are a few rural areas. The property market in these areas has been quite merciful in recent years as house prices have seen a small but steady increase, making property more of an investment than ever. The mix of people in the town is very eclectic, making it an ideal spot for almost anyone. Norwich has a strong student presence due to it’s sought after educational institutes. Those selling their Norwich home can expect to get a good price for their property, though it is still worth keeping up to date with current trends to ensure you get the best deal.

How To Get A Good Price In Norwich

There are many different approaches to selling your home that can assist in drawing in the right people and getting you a great return on your investment. You should first work out the average value of properties your size in the local area in order to get a good idea of an initial price. Just because a three bedroom house seven miles away could fetch a tidy profit does not mean to say that your home will. You should also bear in mind the time of year that you decide to sell as certain months will less busy than others, so you might not get the price you’re looking for. This is a commonly seen over the winter period as many people are busy doing their own thing and don’t have time to consider selling their home.

You  will also need consider all your options in terms of advertising the residence once you have settled on an acceptable price. There is a plethora of options you can go for from getting an agent in to help with papers and leads, to doing the entire operation on your own. You can do easy things including word of mouth and free ad listings but the conversion is much lower than if you bestow the work onto an expert. Agents can speak with all the right sort of individuals and get you a superb list of potential candidates for you to choose from. When selecting an agent you can decide between having a high street agent or an online agent, both of which have different appeals. The high street will always draw a big crowd while online agencies are much more cost effective.

Facts About Norwich

Norwich was the former capital for the Iceni tribe before the Romans took over, and is still rich with history from over the centuries. Norwich Cathedral alone has been around since as far back as 1069. Business tends to be on a much larger scale too as companies such as Rowntree’s and Coleman’s have had factories in this city for decades. It is also home to the prestigious University of East Anglia which sees thousands of students annually. Just under 15% of all residents in the city are 20 to 24 years old.

It’s in the top ten of the UK’s best shopping destinations, unsurprising given it has one of the biggest outdoor market places in England. There are many different heritage sites scattered throughout the city including Dragon Hall and The Forum, and has a thriving music scene. Despite being so industrial they still have 23 parks including the delightful Chapelfield Gardens, and like London has an array of transport options. There is also a strong football following for the local team of Norwich City, which is owned by celebrity chef Delia Smith.

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