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Privacy and Cookies

This web page explains exactly what our policy is in regards to the collection and use of any and all personal data that we collect from visitors to this website. This page further explains what use of cookies we make on this particular website.

We do not collect any personal information from those who visit our website unless that visitor sends us said information themselves. This happens, for instance, when a person emails us. Occasionally personal data may be included by the visitor in the email.

Where we do receive personal information we take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of that information. We actively use the latest in server security systems.

When it comes to cookies, we only use cookies as a part of our analytics software. They enable us to track how a visitor to the site moves around certain pages. In turn this helps us to streamline our website and make changes to it so that we can make the overall experience better for any future visitors. If you do not want cookies of ours downloaded onto your PC then you can adjust the cookie settings so that they are automatically not accepted. If you have any questions relating to these issues then please feel free to contact us.

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