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How To Sell A House Quickly In The UK

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The past five years in the property market in the UK have not been financially stable, fluctuations in the prices of housing within the UK has put many homeowners off buying a new property.

This coupled with the decline in living standards and less disposable income within the average household has lead to many individuals finding themselves in the position where they need to sell their house quickly but there are not many cash buyers to quickly relieve them of financial troubles, especially if they are facing debt problems.

Points to consider when selling

Selling a property

As mentioned in our previous blog post Things To Consider When Putting Your House On The Property Market, there are four main factors you need to consider when putting your property up for sale in order to aim to sell a house quickly

Fix dents and scratches

You may not have the amount of money required to do a full face lift both inside and outside of your home, however filling in dents or cracks is not a costly task and you can buy cheap filler from major DIY stores.

Double check your listing information

Make sure you don’t over exaggerate on your listing information, for example claiming to have double rooms when they don’t comfortably fit a double bed in. It’s better to give a realistic expectation of your home so that the viewers of your property are not displeased when they turn up for their viewing.

Be as honest as possible as you’re more likely to get a sale if you prove yourself to be a trustworthy person.

Be realistic with your asking price

It’s best practice to base your current price on the average for your area and the current property climate, and not on what you feel your home is worth. Especially if you want a cash buyer, you’re going to need to set a realistic price.

It’s best practice to get a proper professional evaluation.

Get rid of your clutter

Decluttering your home can make it appear bigger, which will appear to the buyer. However, you’ve got to make the conscious effort to not make your home look too depersonalised and like a showroom.

Viewers like to see how you’re currently using the space as this will help them visualise how they will live and use the space too.

Tips and tricks

woman holding a paint bucket and a paint brush

There are several cheap and cost effective DIY tasks you can complete in order to attempt to sell.

Repaint your front door

Sounds like it doesn’t matter, but curb appeal is everything. Many buyers decide whether they love your property from the moment they walk onto your driveway.

Repaint a room

Over time, walls may get scraped or worn down by every day living. By giving your walls a new lick of paint you can not only brighten up your home, but make it look cleaner and more appealing. Use a lighter pallet to give your rooms a cleaner canvas for the buyers to visualise with.

Properly clean your bathrooms

In your bathroom, the grout around your tiles, your bathtub, sink and toilet will build up dirt over time. This can make your bathrooms look dated and grimy – not appealing in the slightest.

Put up shelves

Storage space is a big factor to a buyer and it will make your home look neat and organised.

Do you need a cash buyer fast?

Unfortunately, some people find themselves in the position where they can’t afford to wait for someone to fall in love with their property and they need to find a cash buyer for their house quickly.

This is because many people in the UK are facing troublesome debt that means they find themselves in the position where they have to sell their home privately or get it repossessed by local authorities. Here’s an infographic we created to help people fight and start to reduce their debts.

At Best Deal Homes, we offer to buy homes with no fees and within five weeks. Even if repairs are needed to your home, we take care of all of that too.

You can find out more information by visiting our FAQ page.


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