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7 Ways To Save Money In 2015

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Saving up for a holiday? Maybe you’re super organised and are already saving for next Christmas, or perhaps you just need the extra cash. Whatever the case, having that bit of extra money in your pocket will seem like a luxury once you realise how much you could be saving. Being frugal doesn’t have to be a bore, and saving money doesn’t only come in the form of cutting out coupons and vouchers on a sunday evening. Have a look at Best Deal Homes tips to saving money in 2015.


1. Take a packed lunch to work

Pack lunch not quick brunch

When you do your weekly shop, buy food in bulk, like sandwich fillers, fruit and snacks. This way, you can make a packed lunch every day and not have to worry about spending money on lunch on a daily basis.


2. Buy own brands

own brands not costly cans

When you go for your weekly shop, don’t spend extra just because items are branded! Studies show that customers, when blind folded, can’t tell the difference between most branded goods and own brand products.


3. Don’t go food shopping hungry

save dont crave

Going food shopping on an empty stomach is a crucial mistake. Your stomach will trick your brain into buying food that you don’t actually need. Go shopping knowing exactly what you need for each meal that week and you’ll spend a lot less money. 


4. Buy stuff second-hand

second hand

Whether it’s furniture you’re buying, stationary or even clothes, have a look on eBay first, or even your local charity shop or car boot sale. You never know what you could bag for a bargain.


5. Switch to a cheaper phone contract

 cheap phone contract

 If you want to save a fair amount of money, finding a cheaper phone contract could make a big difference. There are free apps you can use to contact your friends, which means you don’t necessarily need a contract with thousands of texts and minutes.


6.  Switch off electrical items

electricity not complicity

How many times have you fallen asleep with the TV on? Next time you walk out a room, turn the light off, and when no one’s home all day, switch electrical items off at the plug. You might be surprised how much you can save.


7. Cancel unwanted payments

unwanted payments

Are you actually putting good use to all your monthly subscriptions? If you’re paying for something like Netflix and not actually getting your money’s worth, you might want to consider cancelling your subscription, or spilt the cost with someone and create a shared account.

Saving money doesn’t have to be a chore, you can save a substantial amount if you want to. You can also find out how to save money in the home by having a look at our infographic.

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