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Why Should You Choose A Letting Agent To Manage Your Properties

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Many people these days have been looking into the idea in investing in property, especially since the real estate sector has been seeing a bit of a boost. The growth in property rentals alone has doubled since 2012 since many properties to let have risen dramatically in price. That said, it’s a little bit different than your average cash investment as you may not see positive results for some time. After all the waiting however you will certainly see the upside, especially if you’re looking into becoming a landlord.

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Being a landlord can be very rewarding as it gets you knowing people you wouldn’t necessarily spend time with in your personal life, plus it keeps you on your toes. The downside is that if you have a number of properties or aren’t as business savvy you could see yourself struggling. This is where investing in a letting agent can really save the day and streamline many of the tedious processes you’d probably rather avoid.

What Can An Agent Help You With?

There are many aspects to a letting agent’s job that can really assist you in running your properties from day to day. First of all, they help you out with all the legal stuff including all the tricky laws most people aren’t aware of. This includes assisting with the rental agreement, the security deposit, safety certificates and more. They will also help out when it comes to the tenants themselves, finding and talking to all appropriate applicants and checking all their referencing and paperwork. They can even help with the general maintenance of the property by sending out workmen on your behalf for things like broken locks and electrical faults. An agent can also assist in the  retrieval of late rent – particularly helpful if you’re not keen on the idea of confrontation.

What Problems Can Occur With Letting Agents?

As much as there are many benefits to having a letting agent by your side there are of course a few downsides to the whole affair. To start with, finding an agent that will do a good enough job can be difficult as there are a huge number of letting agencies both on the high street and online that aren’t afraid to walk all over you. You don’t even have to have qualifications to register as a letting agent so it’s always best to get a solid recommendation from a reliable source. They might also consider tenants that you would otherwise turn away meaning that you risk having to deal with someone you simply don’t get on with. Not only this, but in the eyes of the law you are solely responsible for everything that your agent does, even if they mess up. You should also bear in mind the kind of servicemen they’re willing to employ as a number of agents will send out handymen who charge a fortune for their work.

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What Are The Signs Of A Good Agent?

When looking into getting a fully fledged letting agent there are a couple of things you should always remember. Check whether the company itself belongs to a professional body such as ARLA or RICS. These businesses will never associate themselves with amateurs or cowboys, only established agencies. Checking how long they have been trading as a company can also be a tell tale sign of their competence and skillset. You should certainly be checking whether they are a member of SafeAgent as they protect both landlords and tenants against being out of pocket with specialised protection schemes. Be mindful of their fees too as the cheapest agent will likely not be the best.

For more information about letting agencies or for guides on being a great landlord why not have a look online to see what others suggest and advice.

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